Dine & View In The 1707 Restaurant

The 1707 Restaurant is a brand new facility which overlooks the Winning Post and offers spectacular views of the race track.

It has it's own private bar, Tote betting and balcony reserved for guests - perfect whether you are entertaining clients, family and friends.

The Dine & View Package

  • Badge Wallet, Day’s Itinerary & General Information
  • Admission Badge
  • Free Car Parking
  • Reserved Table for the Day
  • Arrival Drink
  • Three-Course Meal
  • Choice of Desserts & Local Cheeses
  • Cash Bar Facility
  • Official Racecard
  • Tipster Talk
  • Tote Betting Service
  • Private Balcony for Restaurant Guests
  • Closed Circuit Television with Full Race Coverage

The Prices

Tuesday 20th September Premier £80.00 per person +vat
Thursday 29th September Premier £80.00 per person +vat
Friday 4th November Midweek £73.00 per person +vat
Wednesday 16th November Introductory £71.00 per person +vat
Thursday 8th December Midweek £73.00 per person +vat
Saturday 31st December Champagne Day £84.00 per person +vat
Saturday 14th January Champagne Day £84.00 per person +vat
Thursday 26th January Introductory £71.00 per person +vat
Saturday 11th February Champagne Day £84.00 per person +vat
Friday 24th February Midweek £73.00 per person +vat
Sunday 12th March Premier £80.00 per person +vat
Wednesday 22nd March Midweek £73.00 per person +vat
Thursday 30th March Premier £80.00 per person +vat
Monday 24th April Midweek £73.00 per person +vat
Monday 1st May Premier £80.00 per person +vat
Saturday 13th May Premier £80.00 per person +vat
Thursday 25th May Champagne Day £84.00 per person +vat
Tuesday 26th September £TBC per person +vat
Thursday 5th October £TBC per person +vat
Friday 10th November £TBC per person +vat
Wednesday 22nd November £TBC per person +vat
Thursday 14th December £TBC per person +vat
Sunday 31st December £TBC per person +vat

Warwick Racecourse Fixtures

Saturday14/01/2017Betfred Classic Chase Day
Saturday11/02/2017Gentlemens & Kingmakers Chase Day
Sunday12/03/2017Countryside Day
Monday01/05/2017Warwick Family Fun Day
Saturday13/05/2017Think Pink Ladies Evening
Thursday25/05/2017Proudly Warwick Day