Dine & View In The Millennium Stand

Dine and View is an excellent hospitality alternative for smaller groups and is available for parties up to a maximum of 12.

With its own private balcony and panoramic views across the racecourse, the Dine and View restaurant is a shared facility located in the Millennium Stand.

The Package

  • VIP Admission Badges
  • Reserved Car Parking (1 per 2)
  • Table Reserved for the day
  • Coffee & Biscuits on Arrival
  • Four Course Grand Buffet
  • Private Bar Facility within the Suite
  • Raceday Programme
  • Pre-Race Tipster Talk
  • CCTV
  • Tote Betting Facilities
  • Event Documentation Including the Day's Itinerary

The Prices

Date Dine & View
Friday 5th January £92.00 pp +vat
Saturday 13th January £92.00 pp +vat
Tuesday 23rd Jan £92.00 pp +vat
Saturday 3rd February £106.00 pp +vat
Tuesday 20th February £92.00 pp +vat
Tuesday 20th March £92.00 pp +vat
Thursday 29th March £92.00 pp +vat
Friday 6th April £102.00 pp +vat
Sunday 29th April £92.00 pp +vat
Saturday 5th May £102.00 pp +vat
Wednesday 6th June £92.00 pp +vat
Friday 22nd June £92.00 pp +vat
Wednesday 17th October £102.00 pp +vat
Friday 2nd November £102.00 pp +vat
Saturday 3rd November £117.00 pp +vat
Saturday 17th November £106.00 pp +vat
Wednesday 28th November £102.00 pp +vat
Saturday 8th December £117.00 pp +vat
Wednesday 26th December - Platinum Package only £137.00 pp +vat
Thursday 27th December - Platinum Package only £137.00 pp +vat