Music Events at the Races

Live Music & Racing

Live Music Events at the Races

Every year things just keep on getting better for Racing and Music enthusiasts at Racecourse all around the country. Not only can you enjoy exciting racing, but you can now get to see a great range of fabulous bands and solo artists following the racing during the Summer months.

This year once again sees an impressive line up of artists from all music genres, headlining at Racecourses around the country. So there truly is something available for everyone to enjoy this season.

Racecourse Music Events with Hospitality

There can be no finer way to enjoy this experience than to spend the day in the comfort of either a Private Box or top class Restaurant. Here you can experience great food and first class service, then you can watch the band either from the facility or get close to the action down by the stage.

We offer a great range of Hospitality options at all of the Racecourses featuring Music Events, so we are sure to have something available to suit you and your guests.

What are my Options!

Finding out what is available to you is quite simple. . Below you will find a list of Racecourses with the artists they will feature this year. All you need do is click on the “enquire now” button and fill out the enquiry form. As we have a large range of options available at most Racecourses, the following information from you would be helpful.

  • Your Name
  • The Racecourse of interest
  • The date of the event & artist
  • The number of guests required

All of the information above will enable us to provide you with a quotation for the event which is tailored to your needs.


Q: What time does the concert start at the Racecourse?
A: Concerts usually start 30 to 45 minutes after the last race and most bands will perform a 60 to 90 minute set.

Q: Is the Concert included with the Hospitality Package?
A: If you book a Hospitality Package for a music event at any Racecourse, the Concert following Racing is included in the price you pay for the Package.

Q: Will the bar stop open for the Concert?
A: There will always be bar facilities available during the concert, however they may not remain open in the Hospitality area.

Bath RacecourseSaturday19/08/2023Cider Race Evening - Live Music - The WurzelsEnquire Now
Beverley RacecourseFriday07/07/2023Evening - Bus Stop 70's Disco Night - Live MusicEnquire Now
Cartmel RacecourseFriday30/06/2023Live Music - Bjorn AgainEnquire Now
Doncaster RacecourseFriday30/06/2023Live Music - UB 40Enquire Now
Doncaster RacecourseSaturday01/07/2023Evening - Live Music Clean BanditEnquire Now
Doncaster RacecourseSaturday22/07/2023Evening - Live Music - Abba Party NightEnquire Now
Doncaster RacecourseSaturday05/08/2023Live Music - Rock at the RacesEnquire Now
Doncaster RacecourseSaturday19/08/2023Live Music - Hacienda ClassicalEnquire Now
Fontwell Park RacecourseSaturday18/03/2023St Patricks Raceday - Live MusicEnquire Now
Hamilton Park RacecourseSaturday05/08/2023Evening - Ladies Night - Live Music - Peter AndreEnquire Now
Haydock Park RacecourseSaturday24/06/2023Evening - Live Music - Craig DavidEnquire Now
Haydock Park RacecourseFriday11/08/2023Evening - Rose of Lancaster Carnival - Midweek - Live Music - Nile RogersEnquire Now
Pontefract RacecourseFriday26/05/2023Evening - Premier Meeting - Music NightEnquire Now
Pontefract RacecourseFriday21/07/2023Evening - Premier Meeting - Music Night & Beer FestivalEnquire Now
Uttoxeter RacecourseSaturday20/05/2023Evening - Live Music - Scouting for GirlsEnquire Now
Uttoxeter RacecourseSaturday17/06/2023Evening - Live MusicEnquire Now
Windsor RacecourseMonday12/06/2023Evening - Irish Night - Live MusicEnquire Now
Windsor RacecourseMonday19/06/2023Evening - 90's Racenight - Live MusicEnquire Now
Windsor RacecourseMonday26/06/2023Evening - 00's Racenight - Live MusicEnquire Now
Windsor RacecourseMonday17/07/2023Evening - Rum n Reggae - Live MusicEnquire Now
Windsor RacecourseMonday07/08/2023Evening - Rock at the Races - Live MusicEnquire Now
Windsor RacecourseMonday14/08/2023Evening - Soul & Motown - Live MusicEnquire Now
Worcester RacecourseSaturday03/06/2023Ladies Day - Live MusicEnquire Now
Worcester RacecourseThursday15/06/2023Evening - Irish Night - Live MusicEnquire Now
Worcester RacecourseThursday20/07/2023Gentlemens Evening - Live MusicEnquire Now
York RacecourseFriday28/07/2023Evening - Lyric Stakes - Live MusicEnquire Now
York RacecourseSaturday29/07/2023York Stakes - Live MusicEnquire Now