catterick racecourse trackside marquee

Catterick Racecourse the Trackside Marquee

Due to the increasing popularity and demand of the facilities at the racecourse we now have available a trackside marquee for a minimum of 60 guests. Luxuriously equipped and furnished, our marquees feature closed circuit TV, private bar and Tote kiosk.

For a bespoke Raceday quote for a Private Trackside Marquee please either contact us by telephone on 01777 247 107 or email us with your requirements using the enquiry form on this page.

Catterick Race Fixtures

Sunday03/01/2021Afternoon Racing
Thursday14/01/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday27/01/2021Afternoon Racing
Friday05/02/2021Afternoon Racing
Monday15/02/2021Afternoon Racing
Tuesday02/03/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday10/03/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday07/04/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday21/04/2021Afternoon Racing
Monday10/05/2021Afternoon Racing
Friday21/05/2021Evening Racing
Saturday29/05/2021Afternoon Racing
Friday04/06/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday07/07/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday14/07/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday21/07/2021Afternoon Racing
Tuesday03/08/2021Afternoon Racing
Monday16/08/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday25/08/2021Afternoon Racing
Tuesday07/09/2021Afternoon Racing
Saturday18/09/2021Afternoon Racing
Wednesday29/09/2021Afternoon Racing
Saturday16/10/2021Afternoon Racing
Tuesday26/10/2021Afternoon Racing
Friday19/11/2021Afternoon Racing
Tuesday14/12/2021Afternoon Racing
Tuesday28/12/2021Afternoon Racing